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Flower Meaning By Sun Sign

It is a common known fact that each sun sign has a particular flower attached to it as its symbolizing counterpart. This particular flower when worn by or given to a particular person with whose sun sign it is amiable, gives him a lethal edge, making him more prevalent in the qualities which his sun sign possess. Every sun sign is said to represent a different form of energy and style and hence every other sun sign is drawn to a particular flower. The botanical beauties explain the qualities and characteristics of each sun sign. It is believed since ancient times that if one sports a particular flower which is amicable to his sun sign then his day will be great, his endeavor will be successful and his efforts will bear the fruits for which they are put in. For example, on one’s wedding a person with Sagittarius as his sun sign is advised to wear Narcissus while a person who has Libra as his sun sign is recommended to wear Rose.

It is a fact that cannot be denied that every sun sign has their own positive and negative energy and if one can use the means to increase the positive energy and reduce the negative one, then it will not only make one much more successful but also great. Here are the list of flowers that are said to increase the positive energy of particular sun signs:

    • Aries – Aries is associated with optimism, impulsiveness and fiery qualities. People born under this sun sign are full of excitement and energy. For such people the honeysuckle is said to be the best flower while sweet pea, daffodils and tulips are also some other flowers which increase the positive energy in people with Aries as their sun sign.

    • Taurus- Taurus is a sign which represents determination, practical creativity and patience. They have expensive tastes and are steady in life. If such people wear Daisies or African lilies or Delphiniums, their luck and progress is bound to improve.

    • Gemini- The people with Gemini as their sun sign are restless, superficial and talkative. They have an airy feeling about them and all the good aspects can be increased by sporting flowers such as lavender, orchid and lily of the valley.

    • Cancer – Cancerians are generous and sensitive, they have an emotional touch to them and love the home comforts and family life. Geranium, Lotus and water lily are said to be the best flowers for cancerians.

    • Leo – Leo symbolizes leadership qualities and dignity. Persons born under this sun sign have ambition, strength and directness. Their positive energy can be properly harnessed if they keep at their home flowers such as marigold or sunflower.

    • Virgo – Virgo induces stability and materialism. They are practical and get great joy in serving others. For such people the morning glory and bright colored flowers are recommended.

    • Libra- Librans are strategists with an airy and unemotional aspect attached to them. Librans are a bit unrealistic and fall in love easily. In order to stay positive, such people should go for roses and clematis.

    • Scorpio- Scorpions are revengeful, unsettling and intense. They are stubborn and determined to succeed no matter what the situation arises. Gladiolus and chrysanthemum are the best flowers for such people.

    • Sagittarius- Sagittarians are bright, impatient and reckless. They are futuristic and are concerned with exploration, freedom and wisdom. Dandelion and Pink carnations should be used by Sagittarians.

    • Capricorn – Capricorns are realistic, determined and ambitious. Jasmine and White narcissus is said to increase the dedication of Capricorns to their goals and are best suited for them.

    • Aquarius- People born under the sign of Aquarius are progressive and original. They are constantly on the look out to invent something new and Orchid and hibiscus is considered to be the best flower for them.

    • Pisces – Pisces are considered to be very simple and pure. Pisces can be mystical and imaginative and their qualities are enhanced if they are presented with water lily or white poppy.

So now that you are aware of what flower suits your sun sign make sure you have them in your home or with you to get that positive edge!!!