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Flower Meaning on Various Occasions

A flower is one of the most beautiful and priceless creation of god. Along with its aesthetic beauty, it serves various utilities like for decoration purposes, for making various cosmetic products, toiletries and household products, for gifting it to people, for offering to God during worship and also as homage on the body of a dead person etc. It is considered that sacred. Flowers are of different varieties and are of several colours. Flower meaning has been the topic of conversation for a very long time. Flowers are symbolic of a variety of emotions and feelings ranging from protection, friendship, love, wealth, peace, hatred etc. Every part and realm of flower has a deeper meaning. Every flower has a specific meaning and it is used to denote that specific emotion in a beautiful way. Most often, they can convey the message or feelings that spoken words cannot.

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Everyone has his own choice of fragrance and colour. Whenever we gift someone a bunch or a bouquet, it is good to be considerate about his choice. There is always a sentiment attached to the flower given as gift. Flowers can be gifted on any occasion to anyone with no budget constraints. We can get them in whichever price range we want. Even without any special occasion or day, flowers can be exchanged to strengthen the different relationships and bonds and to celebrate the togetherness of two or more people.

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An orange coloured flower symbolises chastity and purity while a red one symbolises deep and pure love. A blue flower especially a rose symbolises mystery. Black flower represents unfaithfulness and jealousy. A purple flower is indicative of beauty, glory and admiration while pink symbolises good luck. Yellow flower symbolises gratitude, hope and friendship, white symbolises peace and calmness. Iris signifies wisdom. Motherhood is signified by pussy willow. Daisies represent innocence. Hibiscus is for soft and delicate beauty. Sunflower stands for appreciation and gratitude. The feeling for heartlessness is depicted by hortensia. A lotus represents the struggle we need to grow and blossom and to acquire wisdom. A clover flower is an indicator of hard work. Hollyhock depicts productivity or fruitfulness. Fuschia stands for a confided love. A Hyacinth means a love that is forever and constant. Even an orchid represents delicate and pure beauty.

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The lavender colour is symbolic of attraction and represents the love you have for people with whom you share a special bond. Flowers with colour lavender are given to people who are unique and hold a very important place in your life. These are also given to those who make you feel delightful. When you meet a guy or a girl and they attract you at the first instance, you can give them a flower with lavender colour and without saying anything it will express your feeling.

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The colour green symbolizes richness, abundance and bounty. It’s a sign of plenty and represents that a lot things are in stock. It is also a messenger of cheerfulness. It also symbolizes self-respect and well-being. People believe that this colour often imparts a sense of calmness, balance as well as stability and peace to human mind. When you need to please and surprise someone simply use a green flower. So, now that you are all aware and set with the meaning of important colours of flowers, go ahead and start gifting you loved ones some great flower bouquets or pieces.

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Flowers have a great role to play in every person’s life. They carry great feelings and emotions. Flowers release depression and anxiety and add beauty and happiness in the lives of everyone. It can be given on any special occasion on a wedding ceremony or on a birthday party or it can be exchanged even on a normal day just to strengthen the relationships and bonds. Flowers can be given to family, friends, and relatives and also to people with whom we have formal relationships. We can give it to people younger to us as well to older to us. It can be given to parents, siblings, cousins, uncle, aunty, grandparents, colleagues and subordinates.

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There are days other than festivals and birthdays when we can make our near and dear ones feel special. ‘Valentine’s day’ celebrated on 14th February every year is a day for all genuine and true lovers. Similarly, there are days like ‘father’s day’, ‘mother’s day’, ‘friendship’s day’, ‘children’s day’, ‘teacher’s day’ etc. on which we can exchange flowers. This can be an honest, serious and genuine gesture to express the true feelings towards that person. Sometimes, flowers can be a very sweet gift and they have a personal touch. It can touch the hearts of people more than any other expensive gift. There are no budget constraints and they make anyone happy and feel special.

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