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Let's say you are planning for some gift for your beloved in Delhi one and your pocket is quite tight. Now there is a dilemma you face as what to give as a present to that someone special. It’s the kind of situation we all have experienced at some point in our lives. But you don’t have to worry as you have an all-time, ever-useful gift to your rescue that works without fail. Don’t scratch your heads! It’s the smelling piece of nature- the flowers. They are the best testimonies of nature’s beauty. They are readily available, inexpensive and the joy associated with smelling flowers is unparalleled in the world. The general norm about Indian ladies is such that they always want a ‘diamond necklace’ from their husbands on their anniversaries. Yawn! Blame it on Indian TV serials or whatever, but today, there is a long shopping list provided by the ladies to their men as demands for their gifts. Now what will the man do? The poor guy is always at her lady’s disposal! Rejecting the wife’s demand is inviting doom. The best alternative to that setback is buying some candles, lit up the house and proposing your lady-love with a good thing for romance- a red rose. Nothing in the world can match the red rose as a symbol of true romance. Also it is the savior of the relationship to next level & gives you memories for a lifetime to remember. The rose would fade away after a couple of days but the kind of atmosphere it set during those romantic times will be cherished forever. Now if you had given a necklace or maybe a ring, it seems to be more materialistic things which only have a physical value but in terms of  arousing feelings, they stand nowhere in comparison of those lovely flowers. So flowers are always the best gifts to present at primary level, and then all other materialistic things come next to it. Some feeling-less money-minded types may differ with this statement: Flowers are the best gifts one can ever offer to anyone.

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